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Hot Summer Sale | Selected Bikes Only

Hot Summer Sale
Selected Bikes Only

Up to $300 OFF

Fiido X

Torque Sensor & Anti-theft Battery

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To Various Destinations

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30-Day Return

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For Diverse Needs

A Ride Style for Every One

A ride style for everyone

Experience the Evolution of Riding

1817: Bicycle. 

1960: E-Bike.

2017: Fiido. 

2027: Only limited by imagination.

You are in the midst of an evolution of riding. 

Stay Innovative

Each Fiido Ebike has its unique genes, and belongs to its exclusive battlefield. Each one has its one and only personality. We at Fiido innovate to suit your every need.

Fiido T1

A multi-purpose e-bike that can take the place of a vehicle.

Fiido X

Torque Sensor & Anti-theft Battery

It's your exclusive riding assistant

Unlock the full potential of your Fiido E-Bike with the app.
Control multiple functions, monitor the bike, record every ride, connect with like-minded riders around the world. and much much more...
Just remember, with Fiido, you’ll never ride alone.

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"It just looks like nothing else out there."
"Compared with other similar rides, it's hard to look at the Fiido X and not immediately fall in love with its style."
"A full-suspension off-road electric bike that folds in half for compact storage."